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[01 Jan 2020|08:47pm]

Welcome to New York!

PARKWAY is a GPSL set in the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. New York City boasts something for each of its 8.5 million citizens, from famed museums and art galleries to hole-in-the-wall gems hidden in plain sight, and is in a constant state of flux to accommodate the nearly 62 million tourists visiting neon-lit Times Square every year. People from all walks of life reside in the city, whether born and raised in a Manhattan high rise or drawn by the promise of a new beginning. Please check our taken list and read the rules before submitting your application. All holds are honored until first round of adds.

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[01 Jan 2020|04:50pm]

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Need to reach the mods? Leave us a comment! Screened for your privacy. Members, please use the dropbox.

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